I arrived in Grand Cayman yesterday for my summer vacation. As I sit here on the balcony looking at the beautiful ocean. I find it so peaceful looking at the waves coming in and looking at God’s amazing creation. I find myself thinking…not so much about what touristy stuff I’m going to do on vacation but about allowing God to use me while I’m here. I want and pray to have God moments and encounters that I haven’t experienced. I have seen two already – one being a rainbow over the ocean earlier today and a picture someone from our group posted last nigh that looks like a hand in the sky. I feel like its God’s hand showing me His presence and the rainbow that reminds me of the covenant He made with Noah after the flood (Genesis 9:13).

During this vacation, I will dive deeper into God’s word. I will start making new habits that I hope will continue when I get home. I realize taking a vacation doesn’t mean to vacate my life but I see it as an opportunity to start fresh to refocus and maybe even make some new friends.

I hope to let go of distractions that seem to impede or hinder me on my journey through this world to my true destination, my real home. I’m a sojourner in the desert making my way to the promised land.