Wellness Tip:

I have recently lost 20 lbs in the past two months and I wanted to share a secret…well, it’s not really a secret…

Yes, serving size matters!

Before, I started my current health, wellness and weight-loss journey, I was overeating at every meal due to the size plate or bowl I was using. Even if you are eating really healthy – serving size still makes a difference.

In the past, I would eat from a bowl that held 2 cups and sometimes I would even go back for seconds. And now, I eat from a ramekin bowl that holds 3/4 cup. Here is a visual of the difference between the two serving sizes:


I never thought that I would ever be able to make this change in my eating habits. It makes a huge difference!

Make this a step in your health and wellness journey. And remember small steps equal big victories! If I can do it – so can you! I’m rooting for ya!

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